Exteria Market Franchise
Exteria Market Franchise

is a unique business place for consulting in the field of OHS and Fire protection and sales safety products

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Buy a unique idea (KNOW-HOW)and dominates the market in yours state
Buy a unique idea (KNOW-HOW)
and dominates the market in yours state

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Exteria MarketMaster franchise Germany
Exteria Market
Master franchise Germany

3 470 000 potential clients – 90 Franchise partner – 2,6 mld. eur turnover

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Exteria MarketMaster franchise Austria
Exteria Market
Master franchise Austria

1 520 000 potential clients – 30 Franchise partner – 1,2 mld. eur turnover

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Be part of our franchise Make a right dision about investment and join us

Would you like to have the biggers company in the business with passive income? You can get involved to the franchise with unique know-how in the Europe. Be part of our business and invest with us. In the first year you can get about 700 clients and open 8 franchisees. Exteria Market as a product is able to earn 60.000 EUR mouthly.

We looking for business partner

The advatage (benefit) of Exteria Market is that you do not have to understand to health and safety. Your main task is to concentrate to the business.

Benefits Exteria Market

Benefits Exteria MarketBenefits Exteria MarketMore

There are no more franchise focusing to the health and safety in Europe. We protect our clients ahead of the statutory obligations under the health and safety law.
And here we are.

In the Czech Republic and in the Slovakia Republic we have 18 branch officesIn the Czech Republic and in the Slovakia Republic we have 18 branch officesMore

We are the biggest and successful health and safety franchise on the market with 4700 clients. You can be part of our company and grow up to the businessman.

You can get up to 700 clients in the first monthYou can get up to 700 clients in the first monthMore

Thanks to unique direct marketing we can quickly occupy the UK market. Our software BOZPIS will you allow to manage all your franchise affiliates and have control over them. Everything will be explained to you.

Create a passive income within 5 yearsCreate a passive income within 5 yearsMore

Our systém manual for the franchise concept will leasd you to build a team of headquarters in the UK. Will help you to build a base of 30 franchise branches and how to get a stable portfolio of long-term clients and achieve a passive income within 5 years.

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Earn up in two months

  • After sednign application form we arrange an appointment in London and we introduce you our franchise concept Exteria Market for UK and future cooperation – expectations and Terms and Conditions.
  • Everything begin by signing contract about future agreement and paying a fee for master licence for UK. After signing the master license we will help you to find and choose your new head office for franchising center Exteria Market.
  • Next step is signing master franchise license and pay rest of the payment for master license.
  • Then we order furniture for your Exteria Market office. Our franchise manager will help you with staffing and running the business throughout the cooperation.
  • We do initial training for office staff and ecplanation how to run business with Exteria Market. You will have a sophisticated system and operating manual that will help you as well to running Experia Market as a good manager.
  • After then we will be able to open yours headquarters office.
  • We are low-cost franchise. On the beginning of business is an entry fee 220.000 EUR for UK arae license with returns within 24 months. Then 180.000 EUR for Exteria Market license include system and operating manual. Equipment and furniture of branch office 40.000 EUR


Czech Republic and Slovakia in the year 2018

  • 2 Countries
  • 18 Franchise
  • 4.700 Clients

Your business in the first year

  • 2019 During first year
  • 5 Franchise
  • 700 Clients


  • We looking for business partner

    With franchise Extéria Market you do not have to understand the field of occupational safety and fire protection, you focus solely on business and make a profit.
  • We are building a strong team

    Managerial team training for franchise affiliates